PAVER™ Cloud Service

Pavement maintenance management hosted in the cloud

Multi-user PAVER™ hosted in the cloud featuring support from Colorado State University’s PAVER™ team.

IIT facilitates the setup and configuration for a multi-user PAVER™ environment hosted on a remote desktop server. Using Windows Remote Desktop, users can access their PAVER™ database from any computer. Access to a PAVER™ database can also be granted to a pavement management and engineering consultant.

Basic PAVER™ Cloud Service

Using Window’s remote desktop application, two users can access a shared, secure server hosting PAVER™. Also included PAVER™ support provided by Colorado State University.


Additional PAVER™ Cloud Service Seats

Sets of two additional users may be purchased for more seats to access the PAVER™ Cloud Service. These include PAVER™ support provided by Colorado State University. A maximum of 4 sets may be added.


Dedicated PAVER™ Cloud Service Hosting

For enterprise and multi-organization clients, a dedicated server with multiple PAVER™ organizations within it may be more appropriate.

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